Smart Mobility

Enabling the transition to safer and cleaner mobility platforms

From connected vehicles to drones, the next era of smart mobility will enhance our quality of life and drive global decarbonisation.

It will also bring new challenges, like ensuring the safety of increasingly digitalised and interconnected transportation systems. This requires safety and security to be built-in from the design phase – at the product, infrastructure and human level.

Leading the way

We tackle the safety and security needs of smart mobility – enabling the creation, validation and optimisation of new intelligent mobility platforms.

We liaise between clients and regulators to help them comply with today’s regulatory standards, as well as anticipating the requirements of tomorrow. We’re also committed to working alongside industrial suppliers, equipment manufacturers, transport operators, cities and more to enhance safe mobility for the future.

This is all part of our holistic approach that includes cybersecurity, data governance and sustainability.

Why Airbus Protect?

We enable safe and secure mobility platforms and related infrastructures. This involves:

  • Optimising and validating complex system architectures
  • Modelling and simulating challenges specific to smart mobility (MBSE to MBSA)
  • Seamlessly integrating Urban Air Mobility into the airspace
  • Enhancing the social acceptance and adoption of new forms of mobility

Our offering

We’re helping to build a smart, safe mobility ecosystem. With the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers, we help our clients manage and mitigate safe mobility risks, and in doing so, enhance their overall sustainability. Our offering includes:

  • Safety and risk analysis
  • Architecture design
  • Defining conformity validation frameworks
  • Working to enhance the social acceptance of smart mobility systems

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