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Applying a Stuxnet Type Attack to a Modicon PLC (CVE-2020-7475)

This study from Airbus Protect has been reviewed jointly with Schneider Electric. Please see the Security Notification here.  In this article we will describe the process on how to perform a “Stuxnet type” attack on a Schneider Modicon M340 PLC. The end result was that we were able to design an automation program using C […]

Blog cyber security & cve - airbus protect

Why not catching exception hurts security products? A case study with Cybereason EDR (CVE-2020-26562 & CVE-2020-26871)

This vulnerability report is intended to study two vulnerabilities in Cybereason EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) that allow a non-privileged user to cause a Denial of Service on two sensitive executables: minionhost.exe: This service runs with Authority NT/System rights and is responsible for collecting and delivering logs from and to other Cybereason executables. ExecutionPreventionSvc.exe: This service also runs with Authority […]

Blog Vulnerability report - Airbus Protect

Abusing a shared memory for getting a local privilege escalation on the Schneider Electric Modbus Serial Driver (CVE-2020-7523)

This vulnerability report is intended to demonstrate how the EcoStruxure Control Expert is prone to an arbitrary file write which results in a Local Privilege Escalation (LPE). An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to take full control of an affected system. This issue comes from a Schneider service, named ModbusDrvSys.exe, which runs with Authority NT/System rights and does not have […]