Over three decades in risk management we protect businesses end-to-end.

Our ambition is to help deliver products, solutions and services and support in shaping our collective future. We make our clients’ worlds safe, secure and sustainable.

Driven by expertise and innovation, we’re helping to build a better and more trusted future for everyone.

We know your business environment, we speak your language and we understand your challenges. Our experts have the insights to make your business safe, secure and sustainable while preparing you for a decarbonised future.

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of cross-industry engineering and business experience
We’ve been successfully protecting our clients’ businesses for more than three decades, making us a trusted partner in safety, security and sustainability.
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We have a proven track record in innovation, research & development, as well as research & technology. Protecting the future is in our DNA.
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We collaborate and protect businesses from threats and risks. We ensure a safe, secure and sustainable future.

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White Papers

SOC 4.0 – Managed Security Services

Why a SOC service is needed? A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is defined as a combination of experts, tools and processes to help prevent, detect, analyse and evaluate security risks. A SOC will also coordinate and monitor the remediation of security incidents in Information and Operational Technology infrastructure.


Invest in the future

Since my childhood I have always been sensitive to the impact of humans on their environment. I thus wanted to invest myself in the environment field in order to bring my “stone to the building” by obtaining a master’s degree in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology and then specializing in industrial risk management. I joined Airbus […]

Blog fuzzing in cyber security

Fuzzing exotic arch with AFL using ghidra emulator

Fuzzing is a very popular and useful technique used by researchers to find vulnerabilities. In this article, we are going to describe how we can use AFL++ and Ghidra emulation engine to fuzz programs in embedded devices running on exotic architectures. This could be an alternative choice when it cannot be easily done using a […]