Managed Security Services

Adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity

Organisations have become increasingly interconnected – and consequently more vulnerable to cyber threats. Digital and cloud technologies have modernised processes across IT and OT environments, enabling real-time collaboration and hybrid working.

Decision- makers must now carefully manage cyber risks at each stage of their organisation’s value chain – including both modern and legacy systems – while also complying with regulatory demands. This presents significant budget, resourcing and expertise challenges.

Why Airbus Protect?

Working with Airbus Protect as a managed security services (MSS) provider means receiving comprehensive support from our dedicated local specialists.

With decades of experience protecting government, defence and critical business, our teams always take the time to understand the specific cyber challenges faced by our clients.

We support our clients throughout their entire cybersecurity journey, including:

  • Managing cyber risks, from detection through to response
  • Building and maintaining persistent cyber resilience and complying with relevant regulations
  • Adopting a strategic approach to security and maximising ROI by consolidating cyber consulting, training, monitoring, remediation and management

Our offering

Managed Sercurity Services

Incident response and forensics

Are you under attack and unsure how to react? Our CSIRT team dedicated to handling live cybersecurity incidents will help you resolve them while minimising their impact.

SOC MDR Services

Our clients gain peace of mind by outsourcing their 24/7 SOC MDR (Managed Detection and Response) to our experienced team. We take care of protective monitoring from our premises in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Vulnerability management

Discover, manage and resolve cybersecurity vulnerabilities with a proactive, tailored approach.

Digital risk protection

We’ll minimise the business risks associated with external cyber threats by proactively protecting against potential data loss, securing our clients’ online brand and reducing their attack surface.

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