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From accidents to extreme weather and even climate change, managing industrial risks that can endanger life, the environment and business operations is highly complex. Irys, Airbus Protect’s proprietary industrial risk management software solution, is designed to simplify this process.

Efficient risk management depends on continuous risk monitoring, regular conformity and hazard studies, mapping dangerous phenomena with actual and predicted frequency and severity, as well as identifying rising cyber threats. Irys provides all this and more in a single digital platform – centralising industrial risk and site-relevant data and information supports fast decision making.

Irys leverages advanced data analytics to enable the modelling of industrial sites and activities. It integrates the latest requirements and modules associated to industrial risk functions.

The result? Trusted evaluations and accelerated decision-making.

That’s why Irys is the industrial risk management software solution of choice for a range of industrial players, including leading energy companies.

Why Irys?

  • Uses advanced data analytics to model industrial sites and activities
  • Accurate decision-making based on up-to-date data research and synthesis
  • Eliminates multiple entries through a robust and centralised data model – creating a single source of truth
  • Structured data and risk portfolio management processes
  • Enables efficient communication and information sharing
  • Continuous monitoring of site status and prompt ranking of data and comparisons delivers insights faster
  • Enables the visualisation of high-risk areas and localisation of hazards
  • Highest security level for sensitive data ensured by our cybersecurity experts
  • User-friendly web interface
  • Third party risk management support and insight from Airbus Protect experts

Key features

  • Risk management and safety dashboard
  • Facilitated access to reliable and structured data
  • Ergonomic interface for collaborative communication

Solutions to fit your needs

Our digital, engineering and safety consulting teams can deliver scalable and customised software implementations, as well as data analysis and tailored training. Get in touch to learn more about Irys risk management software, our other software solutions, or our full range of services.

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