Safety Compliance
and Certification

Translating safety into end user confidence

When it comes to industrial production and transportation systems, safety compliance and certification have always been paramount. After all, any preventable failures and errors can endanger human life, the environment, or product integrity.
But as organisations develop increasingly complex next-generation systems, compliance and certification are entering a new era. Their importance goes beyond corporate safety – building trust is primordial for social acceptance and to earn global end user confidence.

Leading the way

To help you stay one step ahead, we have developed an integrated safety approach encompassing the complete product life cycle.

With over three decades of safety and quality assurance experience, we help ensure compliance with current regulations – as well as anticipating future requirements.

We pride that our customers recognize us as having safe innovation in our DNA, built on years of protecting Airbus’ complex systems and programs in the most critical industries.

Why Airbus Protect?

We are committed to putting safety first, which we combine with a strong ambition to build a safe and sustainable future, based on the latest intelligence and technologies. Our services are based on:

  • A tailored approach to supporting architecture definition and optimisation
  • A safety-driven continuous improvement methodology 
  • Standards compliance (ARP4754A, DO254, DO178B/C, etc.)
  • Following Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARP 4761)

Our offering

With the support of our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers, we help ensure high safety standards for today and tomorrow. Our extensive safety and compliance offering includes:

  • Gap and risk analysis
  • Training in the latest industry design assurance standards (ARP4754A, DO254, DO178B/C, ISO26262 etc.)
  • Reviews and audits for hardware, software and systems design 
  • Safety architecture analysis and optimisation recommendations
  • Support assessing the applicability of standards 

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