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Open and collaborative innovation is our DNA. The spirit of ‘going beyond’ has always been at the core of our business, grounded on a holistic approach and our extensive business insight. With the challenges ahead three pillars are vital to all our innovation and R&T – R&D initiatives: safety, security and sustainability.

Innovation at Airbus Protect

At Airbus Protect, we develop cutting edge solutions and expertise for the most advanced technologies – including AI and quantum computing. We’re currently involved in around 50+ innovation projects designed to unlock ideas that inspire better and more sustainable solutions for future generations. These projects cover a wide range of domains including:

  • Zero emission aircraft
  • Air traffic management (ATM)
  • Autonomous vehicles & trains
  • Environmental impact of digital technology
  • Green energy
  • AI embedded systems

Collaboration is essential for all these projects. We foster an open and agile innovation culture, working closely with clients, partners, institutions, academia and the Airbus innovation community.

With a legacy of innovation spanning more than three decades, we’re a trusted partner on the journey towards a better, safer, more secure and sustainable tomorrow.

Our approach: 360° innovation

We believe collaboration and innovation in multiple domains with our partners is key. This is what provides a holistic view, ensuring best in class risk mitigation for the development of new trusted solutions supporting sustainability, operating effectiveness and reliability.

Our current R&T and R&D projects:

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