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As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, electricity and hydrogen will play a crucial role in future transportation. At the same time, hyper-connected transportation systems and autonomous vehicles will reshape how people and goods move around. These technologies will be crucial to meeting future business and living requirements, as well as net zero targets.

But as transportation systems get smarter, they also become more complicated – particularly the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous vehicles into existing transport infrastructure.

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As organisations create new smart mobility solutions, they must address both cyber and physical risks throughout the entire system lifecycle. At the same time, they must protect legacy systems.

This is precisely what Airbus Protect offers. We draw from cross-industry expertise gained over three decades of protecting Airbus’ complex systems, combining this with digital innovation pedigree.


Our dedicated safety regulations and compliance engineering teams have an in-depth understanding of all key risk assessment methodologies. To complement their expertise, we’ve developed proprietary risk analysis software and digital transformation solutions specifically for smart mobility.

In addition, we’re pioneering new standards and frameworks for augmented trust. We’ve successfully implemented these in various platforms (including systems embedding AI/ML algorithms) through straightforward validation frameworks.


From rail networks to autonomous aerial vehicles, we provide end-to-end security services for current and future transportation systems. This centres around four pillars – identify, protect, detect and respond.

Our experts help organisations identify how to boost their cyber maturity and are well-versed in all relevant regulations. Our proven “secure by design” approach combines traditional technical vulnerability assessments with a strong human-centric focus.

Having developed a highly tailored strategy, our teams protect organisations through architecture design and integration, crisis and SecOps management, as well as network, data and endpoint security services.

In the transportation sector, any successful attack can be life threatening. Our SOC services are designed to detect and neutralise threats as soon as possible. Should the worst happen, our incident response and forensics team is on hand to respond to incidents, keep critical systems running and prevent attacks from reoccurring.


We’re committed to helping clients achieve their sustainable transportation goals. From securing electric vehicles to playing a key role in the development of hydrogen supply chains, we’re at the forefront of creating new, sustainable transportation systems.

Our ISO 26000-compliant consultants have solid expertise in ESG reporting frameworks and sustainable development legislation. No matter the solution, we adopt a holistic approach and apply key principles of the circular economy.

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