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Governments and public institutions are becoming increasingly digitalised, connected and intelligent, leading to enhanced efficiency and improved decision-making.

But digitalisation also brings a new set of cyber and physical risks. On one side of this diverse sector, hyper-connectivity and rising global political tensions are leading to a rise in cyber attacks. On the other, stakeholders must consider climate risks as they develop new smart city infrastructure.

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Protecting governments and public institutions necessitates an end-to-end approach. With unique expertise in both IT/OT systems and infrastructure, Airbus Protect offers a comprehensive range of safety, security and sustainability services.


Our dedicated safety regulations and compliance engineering teams have an in-depth understanding of all key risk assessment methodologies. They’ll ensure compliance is never impacted, even in the current fast-moving regulatory landscape.

At the same time, our R&D team is pioneering new standards and frameworks for augmented trust. Through the design of validation frameworks, we collaborate closely with cross-industry stakeholders to develop autonomous systems that will power smart city infrastructure.


From protecting EU institutions to securing smart city infrastructure, we offer end-to-end security services for governments and public institutions. These centre around four pillars – identify, protect, detect and respond.

Our cybersecurity consulting services help governments and public institutions identify how to boost their cyber maturity and comply with current and future regulations.

With a robust plan in place, we protect systems and infrastructure with highly tailored architecture design and integration services, as well as a range of encryption, secure communications and identity management solutions.

Our SOC services are designed to detect and neutralise attacks as soon as possible. Should the worst happen, our DFIR team is on hand to respond to incidents and minimise their impact.


We offer a comprehensive range of sustainability services to help our clients meet their sustainability goals – energy use audits, maintenance optimisation, sustainability management system design and more.

Whatever the service, we focus on “sustainability by design” and apply key principles of the circular economy. Our ISO 26000-compliant consultants are well-versed in all key ESG reporting frameworks and sustainable development legislation.

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