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We’re passionate about risk management, safety, security and sustainability. Our experts guide clients in their transformation while empowering them to build a better future.
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Airbus Protect, an Airbus subsidiary bringing together the Company’s expertise in cybersecurity, safety and sustainability-related services. The aim of this entity is to provide a unique global service offering to protect Airbus company-wide and meet the needs of national authorities and commercial customers, including critical infrastructures.

The new organisation brings together more than 1,600 experts based in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Belgium who will grow Airbus’ capabilities and leverage synergies to further develop its expertise in these three key areas.

Our mission is to use our deep knowledge and diverse industry expertise to make a meaningful impact. We enable our clients to concentrate on growing their businesses and building a trusted future, while ensuring their safety, security and sustainability never wavers.

We are dedicated to our employees and our clients. Our relationships are based on deep trust empowering us to tackle complex projects and co-innovate to build a better future.

The 3 pillars of Airbus Protect

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We provide consulting and managed security services to help our clients to establish and maintain persistent cyber resilience to secure business continuity today and tomorrow in a continuously evolving threat landscape.

We protect data, assets, infrastructure, production, products, software solutions and cloud applications from cyber threats.

We also help to build cybersecurity strategies and secure architectures, thereby enabling our partners to comply with regulations manage crisis, tackle threats and protect their business in today’s evolving threat landscape.


We ensure that tomorrow’s smart mobility solutions and smart cities are safe, secure, sustainable and trusted.

We ensure regulatory compliance, together with our clients we enhance and define new safety standards to help make sure that end users are always protected.

Our in-depth end-to-end engineering and regulatory expertise, complemented by a dedicated open innovation mindset, enables us to help design the future in a safe, secure and competitive manner.


Our global risk horizon is changing with cascading impacts on businesses, the environment and society. We must therefore develop new ways of working, new products and zero-emission energy supplies.

Our cross-functional teams and dedicated experts work to protect clients and support them in achieving their sustainability goals.

We are focused on making new and renewable fuels like H2 viable from production to transportation, storage and use.


Innovation is in our DNA.

Together with our clients and partners, we define tomorrow’s standards and solutions. This approach has been critical to ensuring our clients’ ongoing safety, security, sustainability and competitiveness for over three decades.

How we support our clients

36 years
of cross-industry engineering and business experience
We’ve been successfully protecting our clients’ businesses for more than three decades, making us a trusted partner in safety, security and sustainability.
around the world
We have a proven track record internationally.
Our people care.
Our highly skilled experts in areas such as AI, high-tech and zero-emission innovation take pride in delivering impact.

Our locations

We have offices across Europe in France, Germany, the UK and Spain – each with a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Our values

We are fully committed to the Airbus values – customer focus, integrity, respect, creativity, reliability and teamwork. At Airbus Protect, we also strive to be innovative, agile and people focused. These values unite our team and enable us to build a trusted future for our customers.


We treat each other based on trust and fairness without bias to make the most out of our diverse strengths. We take care of each other, creating an empowering and inclusive working environment.


We are curious, open-minded and value creativity. We are willing to take risks, welcome challenges, fail fast and learn quickly. We embrace disruptive innovation and bold solutions, supporting an intrapreneurial mindset.


We are solution and results oriented, with a focus on staying flexible and adaptable. We keep things simple, short and clear. We appreciate and recognise proactive engagement and collective effort.

Customer reference

Bringing together outstanding expertise in safety, cybersecurity and sustainability.
[Airbus Protect/ is a European leader in risk management.

The AFNOR Group is a French Association whose goal is to design solutions based on voluntary standards, sources of progress and trust. Its mission is to support organisations and individuals in spreading this trust.