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Vital DevSecOps tools and tactics for fast-moving businesses

A robust DevSecOps strategy is the key to moving fast while staying secure. Technical Lead for Risk Olivier Allaire and Cyber Consultant Nathan Pooley share their essential DevSecOps tools and tactics. Gone are the days when developers simply had to create code that worked. Nowadays it must work and be secure – while keeping pace [...]

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Cyber Insurance - Airbus Protect Cybersecurity

Airbus Protect’s guide to understanding what cyber insurance is.

What is cyber insurance? Is it worth the investment? Your questions answered Just like any other form of business insurance, cyber insurance provides protection for businesses when faced with an event that could severely damage their financial position and potentially lead to bankruptcy.  However, given the growing volume of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks facing businesses, buying […]

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CSIRT explained by Airbus Protect Cybersecurity

Digital Forensics & Incident Response: why does help sometimes arrive too late?

Why is time management so important in Digital Forensics & Incident Response?  Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) is a very specific domain of cybersecurity where time is the enemy. Each minute or hour lost during the crisis could imply either incident escalation or lead to lose another set of logs due to bad retention […]

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The Airbus Approach for Cyber Security in the Rail Sector

The rail sector is shifting to a new paradigm of digitalisation to bring in efficiencies to counter the increased demands of travelling passengers and goods transport, while ensuring the highest safety and security of the infrastructure. To achieve this goal, Rail Operators have adopted modern systems combining IT and IoT technologies. Digital transformation strategies within the Rail sector include more connectivity for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), increasing their exposure and potentially making them more vulnerable and exposed to cyber-attacks.


SOC 4.0 – Managed Security Services

Why a SOC service is needed? A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is defined as a combination of experts, tools and processes to help prevent, detect, analyse and evaluate security risks. A SOC will also coordinate and monitor the remediation of security incidents in Information and Operational Technology infrastructure.


Risk and Compliance two complementary approaches

Companies face multiple risks. Knowing how to manage and take risks is part of the daily life of a CEO or an entrepreneur. Cybersecurity risks are among the most complex to manage. They prove to be systemic due to the latest digitization trends and they evolve as fast as the attackers.



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