On 2022-08-08
by Audrey Bourdon

Airbus Protect explains: the job of a project manager


Do you want to know what the life of a Project Manager at Airbus Protect looks like? Let’s meet Audrey.

How did you end up working at  Airbus Protect?

In 2018, wanting to move to the Toulouse region, I was searching for a company offering positions as a design engineer in operational safety. Following several exchanges with Airbus Protect, I secured a position in Toulouse in the aerospace field. I find the operational safety studies very interesting because they allow you to study a product from a different perspective than that of the designers. Indeed, we are mainly interested in the consequences in the event of a malfunction rather than in the nominal functions of the product. This profession allows us to have a global view of a product.

What are your missions as a Projet Manager?

As a Project Manager, my activity consists of managing projects: monitoring costs, teams involved in the case, customer satisfaction, etc. Each project is different but it is important to build a good relationship with a client.

In addition, I am also in charge of carrying out technical analyzes in operational safety (RAMS) in the space sector. I am currently working on the Mars Samples Return project, which aims to return samples of the Martian soil to Earth. This project is very exciting with many challenges to be met. Safety aspects are at the heart of the project. For me, this mission represents technological innovation and I am proud to contribute to it. Through safety analysis, I ensure that the design is robust enough to meet all applicable requirements. It is not always easy to find the right technical solution allowing us to reach our objectives while avoiding overcomplicating the architecture. The exchanges between teams and the interactions between the different professions generally allow us to achieve our goals.

I also have the chance to work on the development of batteries for autonomous urban vehicles. This project will have a considerable impact on the mobility and means of transport of tomorrow. We are facing many challenges on this project. We must find the best solution to combine safety and availability in order to be able to offer the best service to future users.

What do you like about working at Airbus Protect?

So far my experience at Airbus Protect has been very rewarding: I work on innovative projects, I have acquired new skills and have become a project manager.

The profession of manager and even that of RAMS engineer, are activities that require exchanges with customers and teams. There is a strong collaboration between the various stakeholders and this is what I appreciate most in my professional life. To think, build and move forward together.

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