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Fence is Airbus Protect’s proprietary security risk management software tool. We originally designed Fence for our own security consultants, who needed an easy way to collaborate and manage risks. However due to popular demand, we made it available for our clients to use too – including leading OEMs in the aerospace and rail industries.

Fence is a highly flexible web application built for collaborative work. Users can easily manage risks tailored to various security domains, including IT, OT and products.

Why Fence?

  • Secure by design risk management software
  • Implements EBIOS RM and EBIOS 2010 risk assessment methodologies
  • End-to-end risk management, including all ISO 27005 steps
  • Simplified risk assessment – featuring dashboards and tools to support decision-making, risk treatment plan follow-up and risk monitoring
  • User training from our security consultants – including plans that combine risk assessment and management with Fence training
  • Tailored technical support from the Airbus Protect team
  • Easily deployable, either on-premises or as a standalone application for air-gapped and restricted networks or small projects

Key features

  • ANSSI’s EBIOS RM risk assessment methodology
  • ANSSI’s former EBIOS 2010 methodology
  • Risk treatment plan follow-up
  • Risk monitoring dashboards
  • Compliance assessment and management
  • Security maturity assessment

Web application with both server and standalone modes

Solutions to fit your needs

Our digital, engineering and security consulting teams can deliver scalable and customised software implementations, as well as data analysis and tailored training. Get in touch to learn more about Fence risk management software, our other software solutions, or our full range of services.

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