Architecture Design

Implementing the right security architecture

Thanks to continuing digital transformation and increasing connectivity, both products and, IT and OT  systems are becoming more exposed to all manner of cyber attacks.

In response, organisations must implement security controls to protect their products, their systems architecture and assets from threats. These controls must maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability.

At the same time, they must focus on robust system design, ensuring that security controls are correctly implemented, robust and well-tested.

Leading the way

Our consultants are highly experienced in running security architecture and system design activities – from individual product level up to global organisational architecture. Their expertise spans computer architecture, networking and communications, cryptography, systems engineering, product configuration, verification and validation and more.

Why Airbus Protect?

We can support you in setting up a secure and customised cybersecurity architecture across your entire organisation. Our expert teams have:

  • Experience in highly demanding domains, including: space, aeronautics, military and defence, automotive and rail
  • An understanding of risk analysis processes, and design-to-cost
  • Experience in all design office activities, from day-to-day technical follow-up of suppliers to fast assessments of architectures

Our offering

We offer a highly tailored secure architecture design service for your IT/OT systems and products. This typically includes:

  • Providing security advice throughout the product development process – from research through to development and even maintenance
  • Support designing security into the front end of infrastructure or platforms
  • Major systems integration exercises to identify open vulnerabilities

To ensure the security of your digital and physical assets, our expert team also provides full security design assurance services, including advice on:

  • Facility design
  • Obtaining relevant accreditation

We can help you implement both turnkey and bespoke cybersecurity solutions. Our security integration service includes:

  • OT staging
  • OT cyber stress testing
  • Practical training for teams

This typically involves:

  • Assessing the benefits of a specific solution
  • Thoroughly evaluating your chosen product
  • Exploring the use of new security equipment and procedures in a realistic simulation of your IT and OT environments, using Airbus CyberRange platform
  • Evaluating and validating SOC detection rules

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