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We have decades of experience across a wide range of industries. Our industry-leading experts in risk management, safety, cybersecurity and sustainability empower our clients to build a better future.

Aviation and aircraft


Transformation is in full swing. Cybersecurity and digitalisation require utmost attention, along with new sustainability measures. To meet net-zero emissions by 2050, new aircraft designs and operations will be required. We’re here to build this new future with you.

Future transportation

New forms of transportation such as electric, connected and autonomous vehicles are reshaping urban life. Tomorrow’s multimodal transportation systems will be complex, data-driven and integrated with aerial and ground transportation modes. We help define tomorrow’s standards to enable future mobility integrated into smart cities.

transportation and smart mobility

Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing is digitalising rapidly. High-tech automation and data-driven processes expose plants and supply chains to new cyber threats. At the same time, mitigating climate change requires smarter risk management in line with changing regulations. We ensure compliance, resilience and co-create leading future-ready solutions.

Critical Infrastructure

As systems and networks become increasingly connected, the vulnerability of critical infrastructure organisations continues to rise. These businesses need to be equipped with the latest solutions to defend against attacks. We offer industry leading solutions in line with changing regulations to provide safety, security and sustainability compliance, while ensuring resilience.

renewable energy solar panels and wind turbine

Renewable energy

The energy transition is here. Along with the rise of renewable and clean energy systems, next-gen technologies are introducing new threats that span energy production, transport, storage and distribution. These threats can only be addressed through cutting-edge capabilities. We let you concentrate on transforming your business while we make it safe, secure and sustainable.


Hydrogen is poised to play a crucial role in global decarbonisation, which will require clean and green renewable energies. We support you in unlocking its potential, from production and infrastructure to transport, storage and fuel cell efficiency.

and Institutions

The public and private sectors are both becoming increasingly digitalised, connected and intelligent, presenting risks in today’s diverse threat landscape. Cyber defence is therefore more critical than ever. We closely collaborate with governments and institutions across Europe by providing innovative solutions to defend against the latest cyber threats.


Responding to shifting geopolitical tensions and complex threats requires intelligent defence systems and infrastructure on ground, in the air and in space. These systems must also remain fully operational. We ensure the highest level of system availability and reliability while mastering the latest safety and security standards.