Creating technologies to enable hydrogen mobility and make hydrogen aircraft a reality
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Hydrogen is poised to play a crucial role in global decarbonisation – particularly when it comes to harder-to-abate emissions from the mobility and industrial sectors.

But scaling green hydrogen will require significant investment in renewable energy production systems, electrolysers, fuel cells, transport, storage infrastructure and more. At the same time, increasing the social acceptance of hydrogen mobility and hydrogen aircraft requires continued cross-industry collaboration.

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To unlock the potential of green hydrogen, safety issues around hydrogen mobility and hydrogen aircraft need to be addressed. Our ISO 26000-compliant consultants have an extensive track record of securing critical infrastructure and are well-versed in ESG reporting frameworks, global risk assessment methodologies and sustainable development legislation.

Our holistic approach encompasses design, testing, production, operation, maintenance and recycling, and spans the entire hydrogen value chain – production, transportation, liquefaction, gas treatment and storage.

We’re playing a key role in Airbus’ ground-breaking ZEROe initiative, which is creating the world’s first zero-emissions hydrogen aircraft. As part of the initiative, Airbus Protect is building safe and secure hydrogen supply chains through the modelling and analysis of H2 and LH2 phenomena.

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