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As organisations become more interconnected, unique cyber threats will appear at each stage of value chains. From endpoint attacks through to infrastructure and industry-specific threats – the volume and sophistication of attacks is increasing steadily.

What are SOC services?

SOC services, or Security Operations Centers services, are a crucial component of cybersecurity. They involve a team of experts and advanced technologies working together to monitor, detect, respond, and mitigate security threats within an organization’s infrastructure.

Who needs SOC services?

SOC services are essential for a wide range of organizations and businesses.

  • Large enterprises: companies with extensive IT infrastructure and a significant online presence are prime candidates for SOC services. These organizations handle vast amounts of valuable data and are often targeted by cyber threats such as espionage or ransomware . SOC services help protect their valuable assets and maintain a sufficient security level of trust.
  • Financial institutions: Banks,credit unions and financial institutions deal with highly confidential financial data. SOC services are essential to regulatory compliance and protect their assets.
  • Government agencies: Government agencies at all levels need SOC services to protect sensitive citizendata, national security interests and exposed government websites. Maintaining trust and security is paramount for these organizations.
  • Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs): While SMBs may not have the same scale as larger enterprises, they are still susceptible to cyber threats. SOC services can be tailored to their specific needs.
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI): local national regulations require all designated CNI to guarantee a certain level of security to ensure the resilience and sovereignty of the State through the resilience of said organizations. SOC services are usually mandatory to attain this purpose.

Why Airbus Protect?

We provide true end-to-end protection through each step of organisations’ cybersecurity journey.

From legacy IT networks to cloud solutions and OT systems, we offer comprehensive cyber protection.

Continuous research and development is crucial to staying one step ahead of cyber attackers. This enables us to anticipate future service needs and create the most advanced cyber ecosystems.

We are the sovereign European choice, protecting government, defence and critical business.

Our offering

We protect clients from both known and unknown cyber threats. Our comprehensive end-to-end Security Operations Centers (SOC) services are delivered from secure premises in the UK, France, Germany and Spain. They include:

Managed detection and response (MDR):

  • Efficient and reactive detection and response against known and unknown threats
  • Reduced detection time with AI-based solutions, threat intelligence and expert knowhow
  • Fast response – combining automation and human factors
  • Modular solution with different service levels and options for known and unknown threat detection and response
  • Facilitated integration with legacy or new detection solutions, creating expansive threat management capabilities
  • Capability to combine proactive (threat hunting) and reactive (detection) services inside a unified SOC
  • Proactive remediation plan for long term cyber-resilience
  • Flexible, cost effective solution with fast implementation time
  • Experienced and skilled SOC management and technical teams able to accompany clients when facing any challenge they could meet

Tailored SOC-as-a-Service

  • Tailored service to meet clients’ specific business needs and confidentiality requirements
  • Service design, implementation and management delivered by a SOC team with up to three levels of expertise
  • Provision and management of detection systems, security analysis and regular
    reporting, all delivered by cybersecurity experts and coordinated by a service delivery
  • Seamless integration with existing solutions and services
  • Ensure compliance with country-specific regulations
  • ‘Hybrid SOC’ or co-managed SOC, where responsibilities and scope shared between clients and Airbus Protect SOC can be tailored to suit required needs.

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Who makes up an SOC team?

A SOC team includes SOC managers, SOC analysts, threat hunters, CTI analysts, Vulnerability analysts, security engineers, security architects and incident responders.

Want to know more about jobs related to the SOC? Discover the interview of Paul Clayton, SOC manager at Airbus Protect

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