Digital risk protection

Protecting organisations’ digital footprint

If left unmanaged, a successful cyber attack can leave your organisation exposed to regulatory fines, reputational damage and loss of intellectual property. After a breach occurs, internal security leaders often lack sufficient external visibility to accurately assess the full risk landscape.

Why Airbus Protect?

Our digital risk protection solution protects against external threats, continually finds where your assets have been exposed and helps you to understand potential remediation options by:

  • Securing your online brand
  • Proactively protecting against potiential data loss
  • Reducing organisations’ attack surface

We enhance cyber resilience against exposure of your sensitive data through a customised DRP service to gain full visibility of critical alerts in a portal and react quickly and appropriately to the different types of alerts based on remediation advise.

Our offering

As part of our digital risk protection managed service, Airbus Protect teams constantly search for and identify where clients’ information has been exposed by scanning the internet, darknet and deepweb.

Airbus Protect proposes a managed service for Digital Risk Protection fully integrated within SOC Operations. Thanks to that, some alerts are correlated by the SOC with others tools in order to identify possible compromission for remediation.

Our experts provide contextualised alerts to improve clients’ understanding of the related risks, as well as recommended remediation options – both of which can be accessed through the Digital Shadows portal. This enables our clients to react quickly and appropriately to different types of alerts, based on remediation advise.

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