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The aviation sectors are entering a transformative period. On one hand, increased IT/OT convergence is providing greater connectivity, increased visibility into systems and enhanced operational performance. On the other, the industry is making enormous progress towards reaching ambitious sustainable aviation goals.

But these exciting developments are also creating new safety, security and sustainability challenges. Solving them requires tailored technical solutions, combined with a holistic approach that considers present and future regulation.

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After over three decades of protecting Airbus’ complex systems, aviation is in our DNA. We use this experience to provide a comprehensive range of aviation safety, security and sustainability services.


The sector is our longest-established business sector. For more than 35 years we have been working in and involved with major and world-renowned safety programmes.

Whether it is an aircraft, a helicopter, a launcher, or a defence system, our highly-skilled Safety engineer can support you to make sure your products are safe, performant, and compliant with the standards.

Benefiting from our end-to-end approach (In Design – In Prod – In operations) we support and reinforce our customers’ safety in 3 areas:

  • Products: enhancing the products safety (airplanes, helicopters, satellites, drones, flying taxis…)
  • Regulations: we follow them, we apply them, and we contribute to their evolution through working groups.
  • Processes: We set up safety processes in line with regulations. We adopt a holistic approach to sustainable aviation and apply key principles of the circular economy wherever possible.

To complement their expertise, we’ve developed risk analysis software, (MBSA tool and MBSE bridge solutions) and digital transformation solutions (Smart Planif) to enhance aerospace and aviation safety.

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Our safety analysis software

Smart Planif

Our predictive maintenance software


From passenger aircraft to unmanned military drones, we provide end-to-end aviation cybersecurity services. They’re centred around four pillars – identify, protect, detect and respond.

Our experts help organisations in identifying how to boost their cyber maturity, and are well-versed in all relevant regulations including upcoming directives like NIS2. Our “secure by design” approach combines traditional technical vulnerability assessments with a strong human-centric focus.

We provide Cybersecurity Protection & Resilience on new & legacy perimeters. We protect systems and infrastructure with highly-tailored architecture design and integration services.

Our incident response and forensics team respond to incidents as soon as they’re identified and can take over when crisis management is called.

Our SOC services are designed to detect and neutralise attacks and proactively design a remediation plan through a Client Security project to continuously enhance long-term cyber resilience. This enables our clients to minimise the impact, ensure business continuity, and prevent attacks from reoccurring.


Airbus Protect is pioneering sustainable aviation by supporting our customers’ initiatives for more sustainable aviation.

We are involved in the development of the hydrogen supply chain.

With unique cross-industry expertise, our consultants are well versed in all key regulations related to the environment and sustainability. We adopt a holistic approach for more safe, more secure, and more sustainable aviation, in order to support the implementation of science-based targets and the achievement of the long-term aspirational goals of the aviation sector (LTAG).

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