On 2022-12-16
by Gabin Ricouart

Three questions, one expert: Gabin Ricouart, propulsion safety and certification engineer

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In this series, we ask safety, sustainability and cybersecurity experts three questions about their role at Airbus Protect. Today, meet Gabin Ricouart, a former intern and propulsion safety and certification engineer based in our Toulouse office.

Can you tell us more about your internship at Airbus Protect?

During my internship, I worked on the particular risk analysis (PRA) of uncontained engine rotor failure (UERF) events. To do this, we use a tool that maps trajectories hitting the aircraft and outputs all the possible combinations of hit targets (routes) for an UERF event.

Since we’re currently moving away from MS Office and towards the Google Suite, we needed to migrate this tool to the Google environment. The aim of my internship was to maintain the continuity of the tool to support PRA UERF activities in the Google Suite modules (especially app scripts).

What lead you to an internship in safety analysis?

During my degree, I specialised in turbomachinery physics and aerodynamics. After graduating, I wanted to discover another aspect of engine development and in particular, engine integration. So, I oriented my job search towards aircraft manufacturers, instead of engine manufacturers. Since safety analysis is a crucial part of the integration process, this seemed like a good place to start!

Why did you choose Airbus Protect for your internship? And what’s next?

Airbus Protect’s aerospace safety analysis and certification expertise are extremely impressive. And importantly, the company is a subsidiary of Airbus, which means I was able to work super closely with other teams.

Following my initial internship, I’m now working with another team at Airbus Protect as a propulsion safety and certification engineer for ATA7X. I was employed just a week after the end of my internship. The transition was very smooth, as I already knew the company, colleagues and managers well.

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