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Know your risks and be prepared to act

As companies reap the rewards of digitalisation and hyperconnectivity, they must also contend with an increasingly complex, fast moving cyber threat landscape. This requires a dedicated cybersecurity team and holistic cybersecurity strategy, with dedicated governance.

Leading the way

Based on decades of experience, combined with an innovation mindset, Airbus Protect provides a range of services to help you understand your current threat landscape, anticipate risks before they materialise and stay up to date with current regulations.

Our end goal is to increase your organisation’s cyber resilience and guarantee you remain compliant in the face of even the most sophisticated threats. We’ll assist you in setting up your cybersecurity governance strategy, and ensuring business continuity when a crisis happens.

Why Airbus Protect?

We can support you in driving cybersecurity governance and management across your entire organisation by addressing the following areas:

  • Before your organisation commits to a cyber governance strategy or a particular product design, our expert teams will comprehensively assess your industrial systems, critical infrastructure or product design
  • We have a track record of helping clients comply with international and industry-specific cybersecurity regulations. Whether it’s GDPR, ISO 27001, NIS2 or other legislation
  • Our lead consultants can provide personal data impact assessments or security compliance audits. These include asset discovery, risk assessment, gap analysis, and the implementation of remediation measures

Our offering

Effective cyber governance depends on gaining a deep understanding of your unique needs and vulnerabilities. As such, our experts will start by creating a prioritised list of strategic recommendations, based on:

  • Supply chain security audit assessments
  • IT security governance audits
  • OT security maturity checks
  • OT security risk assessments
  • Product security risk assessments

Following this, we’ll help you develop a personalised cyber governance strategy. Our experienced teams advise organisations on policy and framework design, and security policy advice and assurance coordination. This includes:

  • Implementing security policies and frameworks
  • Helping you achieve accredited certification
  • Providing ongoing policy reviews and audits, so your policies remain relevant
  • Threat landscape monitoring, with specific threat intelligence to inform your governance strategy

Need to accelerate your cybersecurity maturation timeline? We can help you build a robust cybersecurity strategy in just six months through a CISO take-off. Led by a temporary CISO, a small team of Airbus Protect consultants will establish an information security governance plan and cybersecurity roadmap.

With these strong foundations, you’ll be able to:

  • Integrate security into all projects
  • Educate employees
  • Ensure all security policies are applied through audit and control programmes

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