Sustainability & CSR strategy development

Sustainability is often cited as the key to a better future, but what is its meaning?

The impacts of society and the traditional business model on our planet have become too risky to be ignored. Climate change is no longer a threat but a reality, and the Earth is facing irreversible changes such as biodiversity loss, mass extinction, water scarcity, and natural resources depletion.

To safeguard our planet and our future, companies need to change their business model and extend their strategy beyond profit-making towards a strategy that positively contributes to society and the environment. 

This context has led to the introduction of the terms “Sustainability” which encompasses the wide range of environmental and social challenges and “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” which refers to the ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities of companies.

Leading the way

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must become a core part of companies’ strategy. The challenge is to move from intentions to concrete commitments and actions to achieve a real sustainability transformation.  

Our team of consultants in sustainability can assist your company in your sustainability journey by providing expert guidance in several key areas. 

From conducting a comprehensive assessment of your company’s current environmental footprint to supporting you on the implementation of a strategy, we are a trusted partner for any organisation looking to boost its business resilience while enhancing sustainability compliance.

Why Airbus Protect?

We are committed to supporting our customers in addressing environmental and social issues in their work environment and core-business activities. Our services are based on:

  • Long standing experience in a wide range of industrial sectors
  • Ensuring compliance with the latest environmental regulations
  • Identifying business risks and opportunities
  • Promoting ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities
  • Fostering a sustainability organisational culture in business

Our offering:

Our team of highly skilled consultants, experts, and trainers can assist you in the integration of sustainability into business strategy, and improve and communicate your CSR and sustainability performance to stakeholders. Our offering covers:

  • Sustainability strategy definition and roadmap implementation
  • Materiality assessments of numerous potential environmental, social, and governance issues
  • Advice on sustainability risks and value chain resilience (critical raw materials, supplier due diligence, vulnerability to climate change, interdependence on biodiversity…)
  • Awareness-raising materials development and trainings

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