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Ensuring industrial cybersecurity and manufacturing safety in a changing world
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The world of manufacturing is digitalising rapidly. New, hyper-connected systems are enabling efficiency gains and enhancing visibility into operations. At the same time, manufacturers are becoming more interconnected through their supply chains and partners – and more conscious of their environmental impact.

But as organisations’ digital footprint grows, so does the complexity of their systems – which often contain a mix of cutting edge and legacy technologies. This necessitates a holistic approach to safety, security and sustainability – one that considers the rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

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With over three decades of relevant experience, we’re a trusted industrial manufacturing safety, security and sustainability partner.


Our dedicated regulations and compliance engineering teams are well-versed in the latest manufacturing safety standards and have an in-depth understanding of key risk assessment methodologies.

To complement their expertise, our R&D and data science teams are creating new, AI-powered risk management software solutions.


We’ve honed our industrial cybersecurity expertise over three decades of protecting Airbus’ complex IT/OT systems. This means we’re experienced in implementing “secure by design” principles into cutting edge technology, as well as protecting legacy systems.

We’re perfectly placed to help manufacturers identify risks, protect critical assets, detect intrusions at an early stage and respond to incidents quickly and effectively. Plus, our in-depth understanding of key regulations (including GDPR and export controls), means compliance is never impacted.


We build sustainability into the core of our activities – from industrial risk management to compliance checks and crisis action plans.

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