Securing your business in today’s fast changing threat landscape

New IT systems, connected OT assets, smarter, data-driven and integrated products face a rapidly changing complex cyber threat landscape.

This presents multiple challenges for business leaders. They must work to secure modern and legacy systems, while trying to predict how their security needs will evolve and remaining compliant with relevant regulations.

At Airbus Protect, we have a long heritage of providing industry-leading cybersecurity solutions and consulting services to a wide range of industries including aerospace and aviation, defence, transportation, manufacturing, energy, critical infrastructure, governments and institutions.

We’re proud of our Airbus DNA, which enables us to help you:

  • Create a forward-looking cybersecurity strategy and governance
  • Manage all manner of cyber risks
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Keep your security measures up to date
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime

Our goal is not only to protect your organisation’s products, services and assets from cyber-attacks, but support you in staying ahead with our latest insight and innovative solutions.
This means taking into account your unique needs and risks. Using this knowledge, we develop a clear action plan that will help you build cyber resilience and business continuity, based on an ethos of continuous maturity improvement. We address clients’ security needs through a multifaceted and integrated approach supported by our broad expertise in the governance, regulatory and technical domains.

Solutions and services

Cybersecurity consulting

Our cybersecurity solutions include a range of consultancy, professional services and managed services

Defensive security

Incident response and forensics

Are you under attack and unsure how to react? Our CSIRT team dedicated to handling live cybersecurity incidents will help you resolve them while minimising their impact.

Defensive security

Governance, risk and compliance

We help you understand your current threat landscape, anticipate risks before they materialise and stay up to date with current regulations.

Defensive security

Export control and data protection

We help businesses develop comprehensive data governance and data protection processes from GDPR to export control.

Defensive security

Architecture design and integration

We can support you in setting up a secure and customised cybersecurity architecture across your IT/OT systems and products.

Offensive security

Vulnerability assessment and pentesting

We help you uncover hidden vulnerabilities and understand potential system exploits. Reveal your organisation’s cyber maturity thanks to our pentesting services.

Offensive security

Red Teaming

We will test your organisation’s cyber defences by simulating attacks against critical vulnerabilities (people, processes and technologies).

Offensive security

Simulation and Training

We can help you test your organisation's preparedness for a cyber attack through simulation and training exercices.

Managed Security Services

As a Managed Security Services (MSS) provider, Airbus Protect offers you full support from our dedicated local experts.

Soc services

We protect your organisation from both known and unknown cyber threats within our Security Operations Centers (SOC) services in the UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Vulnerability management

We identify software vulnerabilities before attackers. We proactively identify, manage and resolve in applying a tailored approach.

Digital risk protection

We protect your organisation’s digital footprint. We continually find where your assets have been exposed and help you to understand potential remediation options.

Our software

We’ve developed a specialised software to support our customers’ end-to-end cybersecurity activities.


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Innovation is in our DNA. Together with our clients and partners, we define tomorrow’s standards and solutions. 


We help your organisation boost its cloud security maturity and comply with all relevant regulations.

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