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For complex safety and risk assessments we have developed SimfiaNeo. A highly configurable set up allows the modelling of functional and dysfunctional system behaviour, supporting dedicated safety and reliability studies up to complex critical system modelling.

Model-Based Safety Assessment (MBSA) with SimfiaNeo allows an automated modelling and analysis of system safety based on a functional model with failure propagation.

For RAMS studies (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) SimfiaNeo supports a reliability modelling based on realistic scenarios, processes, system integration and system environments.

By applying SimfiaNeo as continuous safety analytics solution over the whole product-life-cycle waste, cost and production in-efficiencies can be identified and eliminated.

SimfiaNeo is used for our consulting activities while at the same time it is deployed at clients (Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, Defence,…). It can be also used for the simulation of future mobility and infrastructures.

SimfiaNeo is based on AltaRica language, offers dedicated work flow extensions and has been recognised for more than 20 years for its advanced capabilities.

Simfianeo brochure

Read the brochure for full details of the Simfianeo software solution.

Why SimfiaNeo?

  • Conduct model-based system analysis
  • View all functions, equipment and events in one single model
  • Identify risk drivers and critical events
  • Fast updates during iterations and rapid study of architecture alternatives
  • Leverage ready to deploy system extensions covering specific industry needs
  • Generate customised reports
  • Simulate design modifications to achieve minimum failures or increase mean time between failures
  • Identify suitable maintenance policies and strategies

Key features

  • Based on AltaRica
  • Highly adaptable interface
  • Top-down modelling, bottom-up computation
  • Customisable definition of system dysfunctions, risks and threats
  • Individual library set-up for events and studies
  • Graphic visualisation of cause-effect relationships
  • Logical loops detector
  • Step-by-step simulation
  • Replay scenario to avoid regression
  • FMECA generation
  • Identifies all event combinations leading to failure, disruption or system dysfunction
  • Automatically verifies user-defined rules at each iteration, including a common-cause identification
  • Monte Carlo computation for system performance evaluation

Solutions to fit your needs

Our digital, engineering and safety consulting teams can deliver scalable and customised software implementations, as well as data analysis and tailored training. Get in touch to learn more about SimfiaNeo our safety analysis software, our other software solutions, or our full range of services.


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