Cybersecurity Solutions for Institutions

Airbus Protect, the cybersecurity partner trusted by European Institutions, Agencies and Bodies

We deliver cybersecurity services and consulting to all European countries. Whether you need SOC services, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, risk and maturity assessments, or consulting to comply with European directives, Airbus Protect can help.

Our managed services

Our teams help you create and implement robust architecture and seamlessly integrate it within your organisation.

  • SOC Services

Our transnational SOC is operating 24/7. Our team of experts work with advanced technologies such as AI to monitor, detect and mitigate security threats within an organisation’s infrastructure.

Institutions, Agencies and Bodies could need SOC services to protect sensitive citizen data, national security interests and exposed institutional websites. Maintaining trust and security is paramount for these organisations.


When under attack, the one thing you need to be is reactive. Our teams are operating 24/7 to provide the best on-demand response and investigate properly.

  • Penetration Testing

Knowing your weaknesses in order to patch them is essential to your cybersecurity strategy. Our pentesters can deep-dive into your assets to help you get stronger.

  • Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management aims at identifying the vulnerabilities of the client assets. Airbus Protect proposes a tailored approach to search for known vulnerabilities.

Our other solutions

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Airbus Protect’s experts can assess your cybersecurity risks and provide key takeaways to ensure you remain compliant with current regulations.

Our experts ensure that you remain up to date with the latest vulnerabilities and exploits, so you can remain one step ahead of attackers. We also offer red teaming and purple teaming services, enabling you to test your security posture in a realistic attack simulation.

We help you protect, secure and manage data in the most effective way possible, and ensure you remain compliant with export controls.

Airbus Protect empowers your teams by creating tailored exercises to test their cybersecurity knowledge and skills.

Why choose Airbus Protect?

Our Airbus DNA sets us apart from the rest. We’ve been providing safety and security services to the rest of the Airbus Group and other industries for decades. What’s more, Airbus Protect has European sovereignty and national security clearance in the UK, Germany and France. Our teams also hold OSCP, OSEP and OSWE certifications.

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