Pentesting Solutions

How robust are your organisation’s cyber defences? Is your IT really secure? Are there vulnerabilities you are not aware of? Airbus Protect can help answer these questions – and more.

Our solutions

Using the same tools and techniques as your adversaries, our pentesting services reveal your organisation’s true cyber maturity.

  • Internal/external infrastructure penetration testing 

Assess your network infrastructure (active directory, internal networks, SAP, and more).

  • Wireless penetration testing 

Test your organisation’s WLAN and protocols to identify your weaknesses, rogue access points and WiFi vulnerabilities.

  • Web application testing

Assess web applications and websites to uncover potential exploits.

  • Mobile testing 

Test Android and iOS mobile applications to identify authorisation, data leakage, authentication and/or session handling issues.

  • Cloud penetration testing

Assess your organisation’s vulnerabilities within cloud and hybrid environments.

  • Social engineering 

Assess your employees’ reaction to phishing attacks.

Real-time outsider intrusion to assess your company’s weaknesses in realistic conditions, mimicking an advanced persistent threat.

  • Purple teaming

Our red and blue teams (SOC and CSIRT) will work together to strengthen your cybersecurity.

  • Hardware hacking 

Assess your hardware devices to uncover what can be done with physical access.

  • Embedded and OT 

Test your level-zero-devices (PLCs, embedded devices),  industrial control systems (ICS, SCADA, MCS) and production lines.

  • Automotive security 

Test your vehicles, infotainment systems, electronic control units and protocols (e.g. CAN bus).

We help you select the right testing methodology for your organisation. Our teams can perform black box, white box and grey box penetration testing.

Why chose Airbus Protect ?

With on-the-ground  presence in France and Germany, our pentesters have national security clearance in both countries. What’s more, our teams hold OSCP, OSEP and OSWE certifications.

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