by Pierre Wolf, Line Manager Modelling - Sustainability - Hydrogen on 2023-03-24

3 questions, 1 expert: Pierre Wolf

Want to know more about modelling? Meet Pierre Wolf, Line Manager at Airbus Protect.

Tell us about your role in a few words.

As an industrial risk modelling engineer, I’m responsible for numerically modelling dangerous phenomena like fires, explosions, and toxic clouds, so we can simulate their
potential impact.

The results of my analyses are used to:

  • Assess aircraft system designs in terms of safety
  • Evaluate the need for mitigation measures and propose solutions
  • Provide input for hazard assessments under French ICPE regulation

Why Airbus Protect?

I’m interested in finding ways to mitigate the impact of climate change and drive forward the energy transition – this is what attracted me to Airbus Protect’s sustainability business unit. Since joining, I’ve been able to get involved in several hydrogen projects, the Airbus Zero Emission programme and more!

Any advice for those who would like to join us?

Just do it. Airbus Protect is a dynamic and growing company. In my experience, people are very valued here – both for their individual skills and their ability to contribute to a larger group. There’s also the added benefit of meaningfully impacting issues that are shaping our world. So, why hesitate?


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Pierre Wolf, Line Manager at Airbus Protect
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Portrait Pierre Wolf, Line Manager Modelling