«At Airbus Protect we play an essential role in protecting Airbus and its 3 divisions: aircraft, helicopters & defense & space but also institutions, critical infrastructure and industries. We deliver services all over Europe in the fields of safety, cybersecurity and sustainability. Airbus Protect is made of passionate people who are contributing to the transformation of aviation, thank you for that.»

Thierry Racaud | CEO Airbus Protect


Heads up! Before meeting your team & manager, you will be requested to pick up your badge at the security badge office. A temporary or permanent badge will be delivered, in order for you to enter Airbus Protect & Airbus premises

 Photo guidelines:

– Clear, recent and colored photo

– Face uncovered towards the camera

– Eyes open

– No smiling

– No hair over ears and neck

– Hair must stay inside the frame

– Bare-headed

Double check with your manager who will pick you up on your 1st day. Get their name and mobile number. As a tip, ask your manager for the building number and room number of your workplace.

Documents & information

Your manager or HR team will communicate your start date and time as well as the location, usually the week before your 1st day. If you don’t have their contact details, ask the HR person who handled your contract or your temporary agency. Come on your 1st day with the requested documents and necessary information:

– Passeport or National Identity Card

Work permit / Visa / Permanent residence card… Anything to confirm that you’re eligible to work in France, in the UK or in Germany, depending on your location. If it applies to you and you are unable to provide the proper documentation, you will not be able to start employment.

– The building number in which you’ll work (ask your manager).

Badge & Airbus canteens

During the induction morning you will receive the address of the badge office.

Once you have completed the Security and Eligibility checks you will be issued with your personal ID Badge. This must be worn at all times. Your badge is multi-function, it enables you to:

– Access the different sites and buildings

– Pay your meal at the Airbus canteen like a bank card

Airbus sites have several canteens. So many people have favorites. You can eat in or grab a take away, you choose. To pay for your meal, they accept cash and most accept cards. In the long run, the simplest is to put money on your badge. You can do so on machines at the entrance of each canteen. You can have a sneak peek at the cantines’ locations next to your future workplace on the Campus by Airbus mobile app

Office presentation at Airbus Protect & Airbus

Your manager or buddy will show you around. 

The equipment location, printer, lockers, bathroom, parking, coffee machine (nearly all buildings have it in the kitchen, corridors, entrances…), cafeteria, canteen, infirmary, nearby campus perks… Your surroundings will hold no secret for you.

Meeting with manager

This is a great time for you to get an overview of your local environment.

– Department introduction

– Organisation chart

– Product Service Line presentation

– Team’s role, objectives…

– Team rituals & processes

– Project presentation

– Your role

– Tools & equipments

Don’t hesitate to prepare questions to make this time even fruitful


The onboarding process includes several activities, events and tasks. Completing them all can take up to a month. They can be grouped into 5 categories.

– Company

– Human Resources

– Team

–  Tools

– Practical services

Please note that this onboarding covers your 4 first months at Airbus Protect, your manager will give you more details.

Onboarding actors

Your team

Your manager. He will introduce Airbus Protect to you at a local level (department, team, projects, tools, processes…). Managers are also in charge of preparing your work setup (laptop, mobile, equipment, tools…). This can take quite some time so you will likely finalise this activity when joining Airbus Protect. If you don’t know who your manager is, contact the HR person who interviewed you during the recruitment phase or your temporary agency.

-A buddy. This is a person who guides you through your onboarding phase. If your manager hasn’t picked one, you can ask a team mate to be your buddy.

Human resources

– The Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) takes care of the contract phase. If you have any questions related to HR (eg. issue with the contract, security clearance, finding out who your manager is…), contact your HRBP. If you don’t have your HRBP details, ask them from the HR person you were in contact with during your recruitment phase. Local HR and HR representatives Local HR supports the HRBP. If need be, your HRBP will connect you to your local HR.


-Local Onboarding Network is your local focal point for your first day at Airbus Protect for logistical aspects and the onboarding presentation. On each Ap site there is a dedicated focal point.


-IT/DTO team. They focus on digital identity, software access, and hardware’s management. IT helpdesk If you need support with your security clearance, account, software and hardware contact them:

– Germany +49 30 31 17 40 44

– France +33 1 57 32 48 05

– UK +44 20 35 64 96 90

Other events

Each site manages locally, they organise physical or digital events on the 1st day or the first weeks after arrival. You will be given group presentations on various topics and have the opportunity to network with the speakers as well as other new employees. For all Newcomers we have a dedicated HUB page with all the information stored for you. You can retrieve all presentations and necessary documents.

Help and support