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Across all industries, organisations are moving their applications, systems and data to the cloud – often in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. Adopting a cloud-first strategy provides scalability, creates economies of scale and improves collaboration and innovation. 

However, since there is no fixed perimeter, cloud adoption also creates a more complex cyber threat landscape for leaders to navigate.

Exacerbated by ongoing data sovereignty and compliance concerns, securing cloud environments can be a challenge.
After over three decades of protecting government, defence and critical business, Airbus Protect is perfectly positioned to help.

Why Airbus Protect?

  • End-to-end cloud security solutions that cover each step of the cloud migration journey
  • In-depth regulatory and compliance knowledge
  • Experience tackling cloud identity and access management issues and data breaches
  • Tailored threat detection and response services for the cloud
  • Cloud provider agnostic capabilities that encompass IaaS, PaaS and SaaS service models for public, private and hybrid cloud environments
  • A highly tailored approach that puts out clients’ unique needs first

Our offering

Based on the established NIST model, we help our clients futureproof their cloud security capabilities with the following solutions.


Identify and assess cloud risks with our consultancy and training services, including:

  • Cyber security governance, risk and compliance advice
  • Risk and maturity assessments
  • Simulation and training services with our CyberRange solution


Securing cloud environments with our services for:

  • Architecture, design and integration
  • Crisis and SecOps management
  • Network, data and endpoint security


To avoid serious disruption, efficiently find and mitigate threats in cloud environments through:

  • SOC services for IT/OT environments
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Pentesting and red teaming


Our incident response and digital forensics team quickly and effectively respond to security incidents in the cloud. Once an incident is contained, they support with mitigation strategies and help you to improve your cyber maturity.

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