On 2021-06-24
by Mathilde Boisson

Transport and energy field


Recruited following her internship graduation, Mathilde shares with you her job through her consulting missions.

I graduated from the Technological University of Troyes (UTT) with a major in operational security. I got the opportunity to join Airbus Protect for my graduating internship, by the end of September, 2014.

Transport and energy field

Hired as a study engineer, I take part in main industrial projects in the transport and energy field. These projects are based on the conception of systems (vehicles, trains, nuclear installations, etc.) often pretty complex and/or innovating. Various reference documents, rules, and processes strictly frame them.

My mission is to guide our clients through their systems’ development in order order to protect their availability and security. This is why I often work in correlation with design offices, creators and research workers.

This position requires an overview of the stakes and issues related to each system. We often have to confront our vision to our client’s to help them picking the right solution for a – short, medium or long – term period.

What I really love about this job is, first of all the stakes and the diversity of the topics I get to take part in, but also the quality of the profilesI get to work with.

3 values that I found in Airbus Protect:

conviviality, quality and versatility.

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