On 2021-06-27
by Laetitia Marquie

Neuroscience for aeronautics

PhD Graduate in Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, it all began several years ago when I joined the company EGIS AVIA. I moved to the UK in 2013 where I worked as a Human Factor Specialist in different companies and different fields. Automobiles at Jaguar Land Rover and household appliances at Dyson. I am currently working at APSYS. Our ambition is to develop the Airbus Protect R&T innovation pole by bringing to it new activities/skills, like the one I developed in Human Factors. Our desire to develop this new business is in line with Airbus Protect strategy, which aims to increase our expertise in many areas, particularly in SAFETY.

I think that in aeronautics, as in many other areas, the human is at the heart of all aspects of safety. Human Factors expertise can be applied not only to the methods and tools deployed in risk management but also in the development of solutions and products. It is also at the heart of technical innovation with input from the latest human developments such as Neuroscience.

The objective of the Human Factors Specialists is to make the products safer and more user-oriented; I now have the opportunity to do this through the various missions in which I intervene. This may be the development of new systems by putting the interface with the user at the center of my concerns. I participate in the definition of innovative concepts where operations and human activities are modified. I’m also working on topics such as automation, workload, pilot and maintainer* error management.

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