On 2021-03-09

Cybersecurity culture

cockpit view by night

Cybersecurity culture as a key protective measure for highly interconnected ecosystems like aviation.

The increasing number of cyber-attacks and the growing level of sophistication of those attacks make cybersecurity a critical and inevitable concern for every business nowadays. The aviation ecosystem is a succulent target for malicious actors due to its safety-critical systems as well as its function as an enabler of global trade.

A hyper-connected reality

Digitalization exposes aviation to threats arising from both internal and external fronts: increased use of smart devices from travellers and employees and the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) into industrial control systems in commercial aviation facilities. On top of these existing trends, innovation will lead to a hyper-connected reality in which some critical assets that are currently segregated will be interconnected. Aircraft, airports, airlines, MRO and ANSPs will become a fully integrated ecosystem. In this context, a vulnerability on weakly protected non-critical assets may lead to an overall failure of the aviation ecosystem.

These risks cannot be eliminated, but they can be reduced through application of industry standards and best practices and the implementation of a cybersecurity management system. The importance of physical security in aviation, especially since 9/11, is now understood and accepted. It is not yet the case of cyber security. Cyber security is not yet engraved in people’s DNA. Creating and developing this culture requires strong leadership from managers as it is the only way to face these future challenges efficiently.

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