On 2021-06-24
by Matthieu Rochambeau

Apprenticeship program


Matthieu joined the Aerospace business unit as part of an apprenticeship program. He is preparing a Bachelor degree in Business and Marketing at the ESG school, Toulouse. With a 4% rate of student apprentices, Airbus Protect appeal to young people thanks to a wide range of opportunities.

My main mission is to support the sales department in growing aerospace activities. I constantly am in contact with the head of the business unit (over 150 people).

My managers expect me to be proactive on new ways to reach our targeted growth. I got to be part of the redaction of new commercial offers for transnational clients.

I collaborate on the BU community management on Airbus integrated social platform.

I am lucky to be part of a team where people listen to me, it really motivates me and makes me gain in confidence. It shows me that I really do belong here! I am able to put theoretical knowledge into practice, no time to get bored !

3 values that I found in Airbus Protect:

performance, excellence, sharing

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