On 2023-04-26
by Airbus Protect

Meet Airbus Protect’s team at Utility Week Live

Utility Week Live May 16th-17th

The Airbus Protect teams will be present at the Utility Week Live in Birmingham, UK on 16 and 17 May 2023

The Airbus Protect attendance at the event:

Airbus Protect will have 2 parts to our attendance at the event : at the exhibition stand E24 and will host a collaborative exchange interactive workshop for a select few attendees.

Hosts from Airbus Protect around the topic: Could you foil a cyber attack?

Ben Worthy, OT security specialistAirbus Protect  

Nathan Pooley, Airbus Protect 


From nuclear power plants to regional water supplies, operators of critical national infrastructure are faced with ever increasing cyber threats, compliance requirements and budget hungry activities. However, they must remain vigilant to the threat of cyber attack – could you spot the risks in a real-world scenario?  This interactive workshop, in association with Airbus Protect, will put you to the test with attendees immersed in a live simulated attack with problem solving activities based on real world scenarios. Participants will be tasked with identifying the tell-tale signs using a virtualised cyber platform and solving real world problems in our nuclear breach demo. Each activity will reflect the attack path shown on the Airbus Protects CyberRange simulation platform, encompassing areas such as zone and conduit network segregation, 62443 compliance, phishing, patching, knowledge retention and lack of encryption in legacy kit.
Can you save your team’s nuclear plant with budget to spare?

The session will cover:

  • The need to go beyond compliance to understand the risks and validation of mitigations
  • The effectiveness and awareness of business continuity plans
  • How to ensure communication streams are fit for purpose and complaint
  • The importance of categorising OT assets & criticality

To register for the collaborative exchange programme: https://www.utilityweeklive.co.uk/collaborateexchange-programme

To discover more about the Utility Week Live: https://www.utilityweeklive.co.uk/

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