Sustainable Aircraft

Leading the way towards zero-emission flights

The aviation industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. New sustainable aircraft concepts are being developed to address tomorrow’s transportation needs, and ultimately achieve the first net-zero emission flights.

Designing, manufacturing, operating and recycling sustainable aircraft will depend on new technologies, architectures and practices – presenting a significant challenge for both industry players and regulators.

Leading the way

As innovation introduces new risks, success will depend on developing customised solutions to ensure safety and security.

That’s where we can help. Drawing on nearly 40 years’ experience in the aerospace, energy and aviation sectors, we support the development and deployment of new sustainable aircraft solutions.

Why Airbus Protect?

Through an open-minded and agile approach to innovation, we can help the industry develop and deploy new solutions to achieve sustainable aviation. Our approach centres around:

  • Developing safe and secure components, systems and aircraft
  • Optimising pathways to certification
  • Customising solutions for the safe and secure introduction of new technologies
  • Ensuring a holistic approach covering the aircraft, its operation and supporting infrastructure

Our offering

Our mission is to help organisations achieve their sustainability objectives.
Our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers can help you manage and mitigate risk and embrace the green transportation revolution through sustainable aviation. Our offering covers:

  • Assessing the applicability of standards
  • Certification strategy development and deployment
  • Safety and risk analysis
  • Architecture optimisation
  • Security analysis
  • Human factors
  • Hydrogen risk analysis

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