Sustainability Management and Reporting

Ensuring efficient and effective sustainability governance

In all industries, achieving environmental objectives depends on being able to assess sustainability performance and identify areas for improvement.

This is where a detailed and transparent sustainability management system (SMS) has a key role to play. But success in the SMS process depends on several factors, including:

  • The relevance of the business indicators
  • The quality of the data collected
  • The level of stakeholder engagement
  • Full transparency into targets and measures
  • Comprehensive performance analysis
  • Applying the plan, do, check, act approach
  • Tool specification, selection and integration

Leading the way

Our consultants are experts at designing and implementing SMS systems. Based on a gap analysis of any existing management systems, we support SMS implementation, enhancement and reporting.

We also go one step further – helping you to develop guidelines, policies and procedures around sustainability governance and compliance.

Why Airbus Protect?

We can help you establish an effective sustainability governance system by:

  • Assuring data quality
  • Making sustainability commitments traceable and consistent
  • Increasing sustainability awareness
  • Enabling more efficient compliance reporting
  • Ensuring continuous improvement
  • Working to enhance sustainability awareness and create a culture of sustainability

Our offering

Our mission is to help organisations achieve their sustainability objectives. Our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers can help you manage and mitigate risk and ensure continuous improvement through more effective sustainability governance and management. Our offering includes:

  • Sustainability policy definition
  • Sustainability management system deployment
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Sustainability reporting, planning and performance reviews
  • Internal auditing
  • Tool specification, selection and integration

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