Engineering and Innovation

Unlocking business potential to develop decarbonised and sustainable industries

As well as incrementally improving existing processes and systems, global decarbonisation efforts will require new products and services that are sustainable by design.

Companies capable of prioritising sustainable transformation alongside safety and security will become leaders in the next era of business.

Leading the way

Our consultants can help you achieve sustainability. Using proven Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety (RAMS) studies, we assess industrial processes and infrastructures and advise on how to maximise their efficiency.

Our experts will also support you in exploring new opportunities through safe, secure and sustainable innovation.

Why Airbus Protect?

In our work to enable sustainable transformation, we prioritise the following areas:

  • Ensuring sustainable engineering and industrial innovation
  • Establishing open and agile innovation management
  • Delivering optimised maintenance and repair cost
  • Increasing system availability and reducing lifecycle costs

Our offering

Our mission is to help organisations achieve their sustainability objectives. Our highly skilled consultants, experts and trainers can help you manage and mitigate risk while driving sustainable transformation in a safe and secure way. Our offering includes:

  • Safety and security guidance for innovation projects
  • Performance and sustainability enhancements for industrial processes
  • Maintenance and reliability optimisation
  • Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) studies and solutions
  • Fire safety engineering

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