Sustainability Solutions

Organisations everywhere are setting ambitious sustainability goals – transforming how they work and their wider supply chains. Sustainability is a vital part of this, and at Airbus Protect, our solutions are designed to help you every step of the way.

Our solutions

  • Environmental and regulatory studies

Our teams ensure that you remain compliant with relevant regulations and laws by auditing your business and providing recommendations for improvement.

  • Modelling hazardous phenomena

We help you mitigate and manage risks and predict the potential consequences of dangerous scenarios.

  • Eco-design and lifecycle assessment

Airbus Protect enables you to reach your environmental objectives by assessing your business’ sustainability performance and helping you identify the areas where you can improve.

  • Process safety management and safety engineering

With experience in safety, security and sustainability, our goal is to guide you toward prioritising sustainable transformation without compromising safety and security.

  • Decarbonisation and climate change

Our teams are highly experienced in helping organisations build resilience to climate change. We analyse the risks related to “as-is” situations to help you define targets and roadmaps aligned with climate science.

  • Sustainable supply chain and due diligence

Our teams analyse your supply chain stakeholders alongside the relevant regulatory context to assess the risks associated with your supply chain. We can also define means and processes for due diligence and develop awareness-raising materials and training for your suppliers.

  • Substances and materials

Our experts monitor and anticipate regulatory developments regarding chemical substances to analyse the potential impacts on your business. They then assess and propose actions to mitigate risks.

  • CSR strategy

Our sustainability teams guide you to identify your strategic priorities with corporate social responsibility, set relevant targets, implement a roadmap and work towards continuous improvement.

Why choose Airbus Protect?

With decades of experience with the modelling of industrial hazards and pioneering knowledge with new energy sources such as hydrogen, we support our customers in translating their sustainability ambitions into reality.

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