On 2022-09-28

Lambda mu 23


Since 2004, Airbus Protect (formerly APSYS and Airbus CyberSecurity Services) has been participating and chairing the program committee of Lambda Mu, a congress positioned around innovation and risk management for a sustainable future.

This year, throughout the congress, Airbus Protect will present seven papers in different conferences that will address Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicle, Cyber Security and the Digital Twin. These conferences will be animated by our colleagues Julien NIOL, Marc MAITRE, Frédéric PELLICCIA, Lydia HABIB, Xavier DE BOSSOREILLE and Emmanuel ARBARETIER.

Our specialists will be present from 10 to 13 October on our stand.


Airbus Protect will also contribute to the animation of 3 tutorials on Monday October 10 and a workshop on Wednesday October 12:

  • Cambridge Analytica: what reflections for the risk professions around Artificial Intelligence
  • Fire risks and weather conditions: the case of Lubrizol
  • Sociology of the generalized multi-crisis: new society of risk and resilience, from curative to incentive


The Lambda Mu Congress: the first French congress on the disciplines of risk management in safety, cyber security, sustainability, operational safety, industrial and environmental risks.

It also deals with maintenance optimisation, software reliability, nuclear safety, safety and reliability of systems based on Artificial Intelligence.
This conference is aimed at all industrialists, research entities both fundamental and technological, private and public contractors, startups, academics and masters students.
The main sectors of activity covered by this congress are energy, transport, chemistry, digital, petrochemicals, agri-food, aerospace, telecommunications, health, defense, etc.

Its three-day program is dedicated to innovation, research and their application to risk management. It is preceded (on Monday) by a day called “Tutorials” intended for the training of young people and newcomers in the discipline of risk management, and continues (on Friday) with a visit to an industrial site for congress participants who wish to do so.

Program and speakers

Towards a Design and Certification of a Decision System Learned by Deep Reinforcement Learning


MBSA : How to reinforce confidence in models ?

F. MILCENT (Naval group), M. BATTEUX (IRTSystemX), X. DE BOSSOREILLE (Airbus Protect), T. PROSVIRNOVA (Onera)

Critical Discussions About Model Based Security for Cyber Physical Systems

T. SERRU (Etis, Airbus Protect), N. NGUYEN (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire), M. BATTEUX (IRT SystemX), A. RAUZY (NTNU-MTP), R. BLAIZE (5), L. SAGASPE (6), E. ARBARETIER (Airbus Protect)

European taxonomy: will finance put an end to greenwashing?


Update of the state of the art on innovative methods and tools for the treatment of complex systems and benchmarking

J. NIOL (Airbus Protect), C. DUVAL, M. HIBTI, M. RIFI (Edf), A. TARISSE (Ineris), F. BRISSAUD (GRT Gaz), J. CAIRE (Ratp)

MBSA Approaches Applied to Next Decade Digital Components

T. FIORUCCI (STMicroelectronics / University Grenoble Alpes), T. JACQUET, E. ARBARETIER (Airbus Protect), J.-M. DAVEAU, P. ROCHE (STMicroelectronics), G. DI NATALE (University Grenoble Alpes)

Simulation Model-Based Safety Assessment of satellite constellation availability for new space applications

JACQUET Thomas, DE BOSSOREILLE Xavier, MAITRE Marc, BERNARD Christophe (Airbus Protect), CASANOVAS Vincent (Eumetsat)

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