On 2023-04-04
by Airbus Protect

Fence has received ANSSI’s EBIOS Risk Manager label


Fence, Airbus Protect’s software solution for cybersecurity risk assessment and management, has received ANSSI’s EBIOS Risk Manager label.

Airbus Protect’s tool

Fence enables simple and intuitive risk assessments with the EBIOS Risk Manager methodology, as well as compliance assessments. Fence also enables following-up the identified risk and their treatment plans, providing graphics and indicators.

EBIOS Risk Manager, a method designed by ANSSI

EBIOS RM is the method proposed by ANSSI, the French governmental agency for cybersecurity, to identify and address cybersecurity risks. Modern and innovative, EBIOS RM proposes a pragmatic approach to risk assessment, providing a clear vision of threats, of possible scenarios, and of risk treatment options. The ANSSI has also created the EBIOS Risk Manager label for identifying software solutions that are compliant with the method.

Fence, a proven solution

Originally a tool invented for the risk assessments delivered by Airbus Protect consultants, Fence has been built on our expertise, now available off-the-shelf. Fence has been featuring EBIOS RM for years, and this label highlights its compliance with ANSSI’s method.

Fence is used in France and in Europe in industrial domains, in aviation, railway, critical infrastructure (CNI / OIV), in IT, in cloud, as well as by governmental institutions.

Meet us at the FIC 2023 in Lille, France

We will present Fence at the FIC, international cybersecurity event in Lille, France, on Thursday 6th of April at 15:10. Come and meet us for a live demo on our booth D7 all along this 3-day event.

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