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A word about Airbus Protect

Airbus Protect is the Airbus subsidiary bringing together the Company’s expertise in cybersecurity, safety and sustainability-related services. As a consultancy company, we develop our own tools and software in our fields of expertise, and thus have our own software edition capabilities.

Our organisation brings together more than 1,200 experts based in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Belgium, with more than 100 people involved in our software development activities.

Our mission is to use our deep knowledge and diverse industry expertise to make a meaningful impact. We enable our clients to concentrate on growing their businesses and building a trusted future, while ensuring their safety, security and sustainability never wavers.

We are dedicated to our employees and our clients. Our relationships are based on deep trust empowering us to tackle complex projects and co-innovate to build a better future.

Team Fence

Fence is developed in Toulouse, France, by our software edition team.

Located in the same building as our risk consulting colleagues, we make an important point in staying flexible and agile, leaving room in our roadmap for taking into account user feedback and implementing user-friendly features.

With state-of-the-art software edition capabilities, we also strive to deliver quality support services to our Fence customers, whilst keeping Fence as reliable and secure as possible.

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