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Fence - Security risk management
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Fence features

EBIOS RM methodology

• Risk assessment using the EBIOS RM methodology

• Compliance assessment

• Multiple control catalogues (ANSSI guidelines, ISO 27002:2013, ISO 27002:2022, NIST 800-53, II 901, etc.) and possibility to import new ones

• Full flexibility of scales and criterias (impact, likelihood, risk, etc.)

• Attack techniques catalogues (MITRE ATT&CK, CAPEC, etc.





Simplicity & automation

• Simple and intuitive interface, easy to learn, designed for efficiency and time saving

• Automated generation of Word reports, using custom templates

Simple risk management

• Follow-up of risk treatment plan (or of compliance remediation plan)

• Monitoring of the residual risks (waterfall charts)

• KPIs and charts on treatment plan progress




• On-premises server installation (RedHat 8, Debian 10)

• Standalone installation (Windows 10)

• Easy and automated installation, including on air-gapped networks


• Real-time collaboration on a same risk assessment

• Knowledge bases, fully customizable, reusable for similar risk assessments

• Centralization of risk and compliance assessments, tree view, archiving, versioning

Compliance assessment

• Compliance assessments

• Maturity assessments

• Import of any catalogue with many available (ISO 27002, NIST 800-53, II 901, etc.)

• Advanced features: baselines of controls, generic risks associated to non-compliances, etc.


• SSO (Single Sign On with SAML2 and LDAP protocols)

• Group based access control (also available per user)

• Hardening automated within the installation process

• Encryption at rest

• Integration with WAF and SOC

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