On 2021-03-24
by Gesine Varfis

Sustainable services


Born in Stuttgart, Germany, I should have been into car manufacturing.

It has been aviation ever since I started a student job with B.L.A.S. (Berliner Lufthansa Airport Services) dedicated to handle Euroberlin (Air France and Lufthansa owned) when founded. This changed my ways: it was a first name based business culture. After I never worked for a company which did not have this spirit. Culture drives teams, drives business. I never thought about working for a safety & security consulting company in Toulouse, but Airbus Protect has this start up / Euroberlin spirit and it just happened that love, work and Airbus Protect looking for a marketing manager with airline / aviation and consulting background fell into place. For the deep culture dive I still need to work on my French.


My mission is to make sure that our vision, passion, skills, our 35 years of experience, our services and capabilities are visible to the industries we serve. The objective is to make the blind-date (first contact) a match: make sure we meet the needs with our capabilities in such a manner that the customers we serve have a seamless experience that adds value to their business from getting to know us, via the services we deliver to the point that they recommend our services. In the end it is a simple formula to follow: safety + security x sustainability = trustability.

We can shape the future. I was given this chance by supporting our climate & sustainability services ramp up. It allowed me to broaden my horizon on what is at stake: zero emissions is a must. Instead of doubting hydrogen-powered aircraft being viable in the near future due to regulatory constraints and technological uncertainty, we get strongly engaged. We commit to collaboration to achieve innovative breakthroughs to change the world we live into a better future. This makes me proud. This is what I strive to support.

“Covid has shown how important good crisis management is, how important communication is. Listening, learn from mistakes and make it happen are key.”

The role of marketing

We need clean & green energies (the traditional energy industry revolution started), emission free digitalization (4.0 is the enabler not a threat), we need new ways of working, new city and mobility concepts, at the end we also need new ways of living combined with powerful engineering breakthroughs. Marketing is not the front runner in the first instance.

However, Marketing can demonstrate our commitment to new ways, highlight the risks at stake, share the latest insights, demonstrate the new ways and opportunities we see and assure that we are a partner adding value, a company taking the challenge on. Marketing targets interaction, makes you find the sustainable partners you need.

When marketing meets engineering (the women are for Venus and men are from Mars thing) and we create something together we believe in, we are a team which can significantly contribute to achieve zero emissions.

3 values:

  • Deeply rooted Engineering Expertise. We have the skills to drive sustainability. We make sure that our recommendations do not jeopardize safety and security.
  • Open-minded Innovation. We encourage thinking out of the box. Being creative, challenge the old ways, be keen on finding new ways and opportunities.
  • Continuous Collaboration. We listen to customers and colleagues, we work together to make this world a safe, secure and sustainable place. We build trust. We reach out to meet the new risks and challenges. We are open for new collaborations.
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