On 2021-11-23
by Charlène Colbeau

Supporting companies in data protection


I always enjoyed helping to protect others in general.

That’s why I completed a Master in Digital Law in Toulouse allowing me to have the necessary knowledge to help individuals in the management of their personal data. Following my master’s degree, I joined a consulting firm in Paris, where I discovered the profession of consultant. The latter indirectly allowed me to help people by supporting companies in their compliance with the “GDPR” (General Data Protection Regulation).

A friend from the University who is a consultant at Airbus Protect introduced me to the company with its advantages and merits. This prompted me to apply when an opportunity presented itself. And also, let’s face it, I missed the Toulouse sun!

“My experience has given me peace of mind and confidence in my ability to develop skills, beyond my past professional experiences.”

My Airbus Protect experience started in July 2020, as a Data Protection consultant. I was in charge of accompanying and supporting professionals in the implementation of GDPR regulatory requirements for their activities.

One of my professional projects arousing great interest is the one relating to the definition of retention periods in the field of Human Resources. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to juggle between the legal durations, the recommendations of the supervisory authorities and the needs of the professionals. This reinforced the development of my HR skills.

Data Classification

Since spring 2021, I have been able to supplement my professional experience thanks to the opportunity given to employees to broaden their skills by discovering and training in new areas. Indeed, I discovered a new internal aspect of data protection: the “Data Classification”. This subject favors my initial plan to accompany and support professionals in the management and use of their data (even non-personal) wisely with a view to protecting the company.

Besides, not to mention physical security measures, support in the protection and classification of data contributes in a certain way to securing the future of the company but also that of its employees and users of its services.

3 values:

Team spirit – Expertise in the proposed sectors – Valuation of personal and professional skills.

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