On 2021-07-23
by Michael CHAUVIN

New technologies for maintenance


Since I was young, I have always been passionate about everything that flies and I have always wondered how machines as big and heavy as airplanes manage to fly.

I then went to an engineering school in electronics and embedded systems. I did a work-study program with Renault in the Paris area. Following this experience, I joined a post of engineer in test facilities of embedded systems with the objective of returning in the south. I wanted to work on the helicopters, and close to my family and friends. In 2013 I had the opportunity to join Airbus Protect as technical manager for the development of an EC225 flight simulator, intended for pilot training in Brazil. I was able to deploy everything I had learned, while continuing to develop my skills in the field of helicopters.

All around the world

I joined Airbus Protect in 2013 to work in the field of training as responsible of flight simulator development for training pilots on Super Puma in South America. This subject was particularly interesting from a technical point of view because over the 2 years that the project lasted I was able to review all the systems of the Super Puma. It was also very interesting because the simulator manufacturer was Indra in Spain and the end customer was the subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters Helibras in Brazil.

Coordinating these different teams with a language and a very different way of working from ours was very enriching. At the end of this mission, I joined the obsolescence management team in 2015. I learned a lot about the life of an equipment piece, in particular the process for redesigning obsolete equipment and all that this implies from a regulatory, integration and logistical point of view, for example. It was within this team that I had the opportunity to become manager in 2017. I gained new experience with a way of approaching obsolescent subjects by supervising the different professions present in the team. In 2018, I had the opportunity to change my field of activity by creating a team on the subjects of innovation and connected services for Airbus Helicopters. Since 2018, the team has grown and now has 12 employees on a wide variety of subjects related to digital projects and research and innovation topics.

Sustainable future

All of the 3 missions have their contribution to a more sustainable future:

  • Train pilots in simulators rather than systematically using helicopters which are noisy and quite polluting
  • Work to extend the life of parts and help gradually remove hazardous substances from helicopters (Reach, ROHS – European regulations on hazardous substances via the obsolescence service
  • Optimize maintenance, logistics and machine operations through the use of new technologies such as the cloud or artificial intelligence as well as the digitalization of everything that was done before on paper.

Airbus Protect allows to work on subjects with high added value in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

3 values:

Friendliness – Professionalism – Mankind

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