On 2021-12-23
by Noémie Roumagnac

Export control for an Airbus center


After a legal career during my graduate studies in private law, penal specialty and criminal sciences, I chose the discovery of digital law.

This subject, allowing a global view on the current system of our societies, encouraged me to finish my studies. First as a lawyer in work-study contract law, I had the opportunity to discover the profession of consultant during my second professional experience in Paris. Contact with clients, consulting issues, and the possibility of seeing changes develop within different entities are my daily motivation. Airbus Protect, beyond its attractive location within the Sud-Ouest Agency in Blagnac, offers the possibility of discovering the industry, mixed with the safety & security world, which allows us to have a complete vision of our businesses.

Data Protection Manager

I had the opportunity to start my activities at Airbus Protect with an internal personal data protection compliance activity, in support of the Data Protection Manager.

This experience was very enriching for me, by discovering the activities of Airbus Protect, but above all, by the possibility of meeting various people within the entity, which favored my integration with the teams. I also had the opportunity to meet employees from other departments and thus discover their field of activity.

“Working in Airbus Protect is an enriching experience, promoting cohesion of employees, opening up important possibilities for professional and personal development, and always with the goodwill of the managers who surround us.”

Following this activity, I started working for a department within Airbus that provides support on new projects in Data Protection. Since the end of last year I have been working more specifically on Export Control subjects, again for an Airbus center. Airbus Protect offers many opportunities for the professional development of its employees, and this particularly allowed me to enter into new subjects in which I showed a strong interest. I am very satisfied to be able to explore topics that interest me and to be able to share these ideas with my colleagues, whether they are directly involved in joint projects, or more generally within the entity. Finally, since the start of the school year, I have been managing a team of approximately ten employees, wearing a new managerial hat, which is a new and exciting adventure for sure!

Compliance and regulations

Working on part of regulatory compliance, my day-to-day action is to protect the client entity against liability risks in the event of non-compliance with the applicable regulations. The work of a data protection consultant therefore secures the company’s activities as much as possible.

Coupled with cybersecurity activities, for example, compliance is a fundamental tool for business development, which is in a much more comfortable position to comply with regulations. By promoting Export Control compliance for example, it allows not only to develop existing markets, but also to consider new markets, all while securing exchanges with customers and third parties. This gives a strong indicator of confidence in the future.

3 values:

Cohesion (The collaborators of the various projects are always available and attentive to others, and freely offer their help) – Curiosity (The employee is understood in his wishes to discover new subjects, and supported in this process, the means are put in place to achieve the success of this development) – Quality (Everything is done to ensure that the quality of daily work with our customers is high, but also within the framework of internal projects. This promotes a climate of trust for employees)

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