On 2021-11-24
by Jérémy Machado

Digital project, IA and collaborative actions


New technologies have always attracted me and their field of application is almost unlimited.

Thus, participating in digital transformations through IT development offers me great opportunities for creation, innovation and sharing in many areas. The positioning of the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) within Airbus Protect and my role as Tech Leader also allows me to work transversally on all the core businesses carried by the Business Units and to provide them with support as well as education in this transformation. In addition, Airbus Protect’ positioning within AIRBUS group adds great potential to these developments and offers me the opportunity to enrich my knowledge, to meet and collaborate with a large number of professionals.

Digital project

Currently Tech Lead on new digital projects, which may include AI, within the Digital Transformation Office (DTO), I get to support the different teams and projects while keeping a technical role. I particularly enjoy listening and sharing, both with the development team, but also with business experts. These collaborations allow the development of many ambitious projects such as:

  • IRYS, digitizing the hazard studies of industrial sites in collaboration with the Industrial & Urban Sustainability businesses,
  • Or SmartPlanif, a virtual assistant project for the aeronautical maintenance of today and tomorrow

“With Airbus Protect I can develop, enrich and improve myself in a transverse way and through the numerous meetings, discussions, subjects and fields of application.”

The transverse positioning of the DTO allows me to work in a collaborative spirit with the other entities, notably with the Product Security teams to guarantee a level of quality and security for the various IT developments.

This collaborative spirit is also found with our customers, internal or external to the group, particularly through services, such as Visual Management developed with the Safe Mobile System teams, allowing a visual, simple and transparent management of Airbus Protect teams with their clients.

Big challenges

The industrial future brings strong challenges in terms of reliability, safety and sustainability. The answers to these challenges are, however, increasingly complex. Therefore, the use of new technologies, through innovative projects, is now an opportunity to respond to these challenges in several areas. Among these areas, the automation of treatments and processes, which, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, allows people to access technological power enabling the resolution of problems that were previously too complex. Therefore, it is for us the possibility to exploit all available technologies in order to redesign our industry and our daily lives.

3 values:

Passion (Passionate employees who share their knowledge) – Confidence (A management that knows how to trust its employees by empowering them) – Listening (A management that listens to its employees so that everyone can grow / flourish in their professional and personal life).

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