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Safety and security training

In today’s complex, volatile and fast-moving business landscape, continuous training and development is crucial to ensuring your teams are working effectively and complying with relevant regulation.

Our safety and security training programmes are designed to help you do exactly that. Combining cutting-edge expertise with state-of-the-art content and teaching techniques, we deliver a unique learning experience that will take your employees to the next level.

We offer a range of standard training courses and can provide customised programmes in all areas:

  • Our cybersecurity courses range from awareness training through to realistic attack simulations

Check out our simulation and training offering

The training catalogue covers our standard safety and security training offer, methods and tools training, as well as our maintenance software trainings.

training catalog 2023
  • Our software courses cover aircraft maintenance, safety analysis, RAMS studies and supply chain and logistics modelling
  • Our aeronautical safety and security courses range from design assurance to continuous airworthiness, certification and regulations
  • Our ATM / UTM courses cover awareness and design assurance

Beyond our standard training courses we offer customised trainings. Our training offer is designed to equip your teams with the skills needed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges.

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Our ethos: What’s the difference between training and learning?

Although they’re inextricably linked, training and learning have distinct roles in the education journey.

Training is the process of receiving information and knowledge through spoken, written and other demonstrations

Learning is the process of absorbing and anchoring information to increase skills and operate accordingly in real situations.

To ensure participants extract maximum value from their training, we focus on both these pillars.

We’re proud to say that this approach yields great results, including:

2022 satisfaction rate:90.5%
2022 average participant grade:8.8/10

Dive into our diverse training offering

Courses in 2022 cover aeronautical safety, air traffic management, industrial security and more. We’re also happy to go beyond these courses and personalise training to your organisation’s unique needs.

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