by Audrey LASSERRE on 2021-09-27

Invest in the future

Since my childhood I have always been sensitive to the impact of humans on their environment. I thus wanted to invest myself in the environment field in order to bring my “stone to the building” by obtaining a master’s degree in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology and then specializing in industrial risk management. I joined Airbus Protect in January 2019 as a study engineer in industrial risks in order to carry out studies and advise our clients on the understanding of the inherent risks in their activities. I consider that these studies are essential in order to prevent possible accidents impacting humans as much as our environment.

Work at Airbus Protect

Within Airbus Protect, I support our industrial clients in carrying out their regulatory studies in various fields of activity (chemicals, waste, oil & gas, etc.). These studies can be requests for authorization to operate, hazard studies, risk analyzes, etc. They are carried out with the support of my expert colleagues who accompany me and enhance the experience by listening and sharing their experiences. Airbus Protect also allows me to work on cross-functional activities within the company such as the implementation of CSR, which is particularly important to me.

I am particularly proud to work on innovative projects in accordance with my desire to invest in the future. In particular, I contributed to the drafting of a study on the risk analysis associated with the injection of hydrogen into natural gas pipelines in collaboration with the modeling team. The aim was to identify the effects of hydrogen injection on gas transport materials and equipment and to characterize the intensity of the hazards according to various hydrogen concentrations.

My missions

The missions on which I work, such as regulatory studies in the industrial field, allow us to better understand the risks inherent in our clients’ activities. They help prevent accidents that could impact our environment and ourselves. In addition, Airbus Protect allows me to get involved in innovative subjects relating to energy transition such as hydrogen and cross-functional activities by participating in particular in the development of our CSR activities for a more sustainable future.

For me, Airbus Protect combines expertise, a good working atmosphere and involvement in the protection of people and our environment.

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