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As we enter a new age of aerial and ground mobility integrated into smart cities, new and trusted safety standards are required.

To be future-ready, emerging technologies need to meet zero emission and environmental sustainability targets, while also being safely and securely incorporated into transportation networks.

We understand the risks associated with this – and how to mitigate them. What’s more, we support and collaborate with our clients and partners to develop effective policy and regulation around future mobility.

Leading the way

Based on more than 3 decades of experience in safety and risk management, combined with leading R&D expertise and our innovation DNA, we support our clients to become leaders in the smart mobility revolution.

Whether your focus is on zero-emission transportation, smart cities, connected / autonomous vehicles or another area entirely – we provide the safety expertise so you can focus on your core business. This means:

  • Securing all aspects of your business and mobility infrastructure
  • Enhancing your safety management systems
  • Collaborating with regulators and authorities to secure the certifications you need
  • Working to boost end-user confidence and trust in your mobility solution

Our R&D teams work closely with governments, industrial partners, academia and institutions to create tomorrow’s safety solutions.

Our approach and ecosystem

We know that every organisation is unique and constantly evolving. This necessitates a highly tailored approach to safety.

Our expertise is deeply rooted in our clients’ business & product life cycle. We are recognised for our ability to address risk and safety management holistically with a focus on continuous improvement. This spans the entire process from product design to safe recycling.

Our software

We’ve developed specialised software solutions to support our customers’ end-to-end safety activities.


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Aircraft maintenance, engineering and logistics management


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Safety analysis RAMS studies


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Integrated supply chain and logistics modelling


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Dynamic maintenance scheduling and fleet availability


Innovation is in our DNA. Together with our clients and partners, we define tomorrow’s standards and solutions. This approach has been critical to ensuring our clients’ ongoing safety, security, sustainability and competitiveness for over three decades.


Our security, safety and certification training programmes cover the aerospace, transport, energy, industry and defence sectors. They are designed to equip your teams with the skills needed to meet today’s business challenges.

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